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Agent Factory provides a number of tools to support the development and deployment of multi-agent systems. Some of these tools are generic in nature, and can be used with any combination of underlying agent architectures / interpreters. Such tools are termed Framework Tools. In contrast, some of the other tools provided are more specialised in nature, and can only be used in conjunction with a given agent architecture / interpreter. This second class of tool is normally bundled together with the other architecture specific tools into a Development Kit.

An example of a framework tool is the Agent Factory Debugger, which provides a generic interface for debugging agents on a specific platform. A generic agent inspector is provided as part of this tool. This inspector provides views of the common core functionality that is consistent across all agent architectures / interpreters (e.g. messages and bound services).

When more detailed views of a specific agent is necessary, this tool can be configured to make use of custom agent interpreters. For example, the AFAPL2 Development Kit includes a custom agent inspector that augments the basic agent inspector with a number of additional AFAPL2 specific views, and provides additional support for managing checkpoints.

In the remainder of this page, we list the various framework tools and development kits that are currently provided as part of Agent Factory.

Editorial History

26/03/2008: Version 2: Existing page has been replaced by this new page that provides an overview of the Agent Factory toolset.

Framework Tools

Development Kits

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