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AF-AgentSpeak (AF-AS) is an implementation of the extended version of Anund Rao's AgentSpeak(L) language for Agent Factory, that is based on Jason. It was developed primarily to demonstrate how Agent Factory can be used to rapidly prototype different Agent Programming Languages using the Common Language Framework. In its current form, it is used both for cross-language research work and as a teaching tool.

In order to adapt the language for Agent Factory, some minor syntactic modifications have been made to the language. The most significant changes are the use of Actions, Sensors and Modules instead of an environment class. The underlying logic syntax employed is the default syntax provided by the Common Language Framework, which is known as AFL (Agent Factory Logic).

From a tool perspective, the language comes with a basic inspection tool that is designed to be integrated with the Agent Factory Debugger together with a basic code editor that are provided as part of the Agent Factory Eclipse Plugin.

IMPORTANT: To use AF-AgentSpeak, we recommend that you use Eclipse together with the Agent Factory Eclipse Plugin. However, this is not required. If you wish to use another editor, simply write the programs in that text editor (making sure files have the right extensions), and create the Main class as is outlined in Lesson 1 (part 2) below. Any syntax errors will be reported (in a less friendly way) when you run the Main class.


Other Resources

  • CLF Libraries: This page provides a list of Libraries / APIs that can be used with AF-AgentSpeak.