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ACRE (Agent Conversation Reasoning Engine) is a project designed to furnish agent platforms (and, by extension, the agents themselves) with the facilities necessary for reasoning about conversations. As messages are sent and received, ACRE will match these to conversations (following pre-defined protocols) and generate appropriate beliefs that will allow the developer to manage communication more easily.

ACRE currently consists of two separate packages:

  • MAS-ACRE contains the core of the ACRE system, without any direct links to any particular MAS framework or AOP language. This includes tools for the generation and management of interaction protocols: the Protocol Editor and Repository Manager.
  • AF-ACRE is the implementation of those components specific to the Agent Factory framework, with hooks for any AOP language that is built to support the Common Language Framework.



The Agent Factory implementation of ACRE consists a number of different components, which are outlined below. These pages include discussion of the actions and percepts made available by ACRE to help with the handling of communication.

  • The ACRE Module is the core component to be imported into ACRE-enabled agents. It manages individual conversations.
  • The ACRE Group Module allows an agent to handle multiple related conversations together.
  • The Protocol Manager is a platform service allowing protocol definitions to be loaded for the use of all agents.



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